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A word from Pastor Hank

Has anyone told you today that they love you? If not, let me be the first. "I sure do love you." Even better - God loves you and Jesus loves you, and all of Heaven loves you. If you think about it - there's a lot more people who love you than you realize. Everything might not go the way you planned. There might be some challenges, but you can handle it all because you’re loved. Thousands of thoughts will go through your mind today. But if one of them says, "No one loves you," know that's a lie!
The Bible says our faith works when we realize God's Perfect, Unconditional, Unending Love for us. Understanding that God loves us, regardless of anything else, causes our faith to rise to the occasion and it will take us through any and every challenge we face. He wants you to know that nothing can separate you from His love. He can't love you any more, and nothing will make Him love you any less. Wow, that's so good!
So today - know you're loved and walk in His Favor - and, who knows, you might be able to share that love with someone else. Have blessed Memorial Day weekend and remember to meet the One who loves you in church Sunday!
Love you,
Pastor Hank

Glory And Honor pt 2

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