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A word from Pastor Hank

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. The first words we speak every morning should be to God, telling Him how good He is. Our next words should be to ourselves, telling ourselves how good He's made us.
I think we spend to much time putting ourselves down. We talk about all the things we can't do - He said we can do anything and everything because of what Jesus did. We talk about our failures and mistakes - He said He's forgiven us. We talk about our limitations - He just sees our possibilities.
Why don't you start saying good things about yourself. You are good! You do have great potential! You are somebody! You can do it! You are valuable! You’re the best! You can do it when no one else can! If everyone else fails - you won't. Are you getting the message?
When you talk good about yourself, you’re not bragging on you - you’re bragging on Jesus. He made it all possible. It’s through Him and because of Him that you are what you are. It's pretty hard to love others if you don't like yourself. So love yourself - He does!
Hope I've given you something to think about - and talk about!
Love you - have a nice day.
Pastor Hank

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