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A word from Pastor Hank

As you go through today you will hear many voices - but it's only the ones you focus on that make the difference. The voice of the Holy Spirit will always tell you things He hears the Father say. Things that bring hope, peace, and joy. He wants to encourage and empower you to live in all God has for you. The Father’s thoughts will always bring you hope and a future. He loves you and wants to share those thoughts with you.
There will also be voices that say you can't, you don't have what it takes, you’re not good enough or smart enough, it could never happen for you. All are lies designed to steal your hope and joy - to kill your dreams. No - you can if you think you can - God has given you everything it takes - you are good because of Jesus - you have access to all His wisdom and it will happen for you because Father has planned it. It's your choice. Who's report will you believe? Why don't you start the day thinking, “God loves me-Jesus did it all for me , so I can't loose. Something good is about to happen for me.”
I believe God's best for you today- why don't you agree with me?
Love you, and I’ll see you Sunday!
Pastor Hank

Think Like Jesus- You’ll Be Like Jesus

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