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A word from Pastor Hank

God's word to Zerubbabel was, "It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.” Sometimes we come up against obstacles and we don't know what to do. You know what I'm talking about - we've done everything we know to do - we've thought of every possible solution - but in spite of everything, the mountain is still there. These challenges always make us feel hopeless, helpless, and powerless. That's when we need to trust Him.
Whatever you’re facing today, know that what seems impossible - He makes possible. If there's not a way - He'll make a way. The only way you can lose is if you give up - so don't! Just keep moving forward, put your faith in Jesus and what He did, and you'll end up on top. Remember it's by HIS SPIRIT!

I love you and I’ll see you Sunday!
Pastor Hank

Plain Talk Part 2-What Must I Do?

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