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A word from Pastor Hank

We have an enemy who's always trying to steal our victory, kill our dreams and destroy our hopes. Face it, things in this world aren't always good. There's always going to be challenges. But we overcome with our faith. The Bible says that faith works by love. I always thought that meant if I walked in love my faith would work. We should walk in love, but that scripture’s talking about the Father’s love for us. The more I realize how much God loves me, and depend on that love, the stronger my faith is. That love was so great, He sent Jesus for me. Jesus said we are in the world, but not of it. Because He overcame the enemy, so do we.
You see, you win today, not because of what you will do, but what He already did. This day belongs to you; don't let the thief steal it! When he shows his ugly face, just tell him, “No Daddy loves me and has good things for me today! Jesus paid for them, and the Holy Spirit's showing me where they are.”
You own this day - take it! Jesus said you could.
Isn't He wonderful?
Love you,
Pastor Hank

Glory And Honor pt 2

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