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A word from Pastor Hank

In just a couple of days our great nation will celebrate it’s 239th birthday. People from all walks of life, who make up this wonderful land that we live in, will get together for good food, fireworks and maybe even a baseball game. The freedoms we enjoy were not free, but are a result of a God who loves us and a people who have been determined to serve Him with the life He has given us. While there are many things changing in the world around us, things that threaten our Christian way of life and the godly principals we stand for and believe in, we must remain strong and dedicated to the promise that our God is our strength, our provider, our protector and He has given us the victory over sin and death. We are more than conquerors and it’s time for us to “Let God arise and His enemies be Scattered.”

Please join me in thanking God for the blessings our nation has enjoyed and let’s determine to pray harder, love more, and do more to see people saved in the days ahead.

Pam and I wish you a very happy and blessed 4th of July and we look forward to seeing you Sunday. The church office will be closed tomorrow so our staff can spend some time with their families, so my thoughts for the day will continue on Monday.

I love you,

Pastor Hank

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